Have you decided what fun, and of course spooky craft you are going to do first? You have to try our spooky pine-cone Halloween spiders. They are the perfect combination of outdoor play and adventure and creative painting and crafting.

You will need:

  • pine cones
  • liquid paint or spray paint
  • colored pipe-cleaners
  • craft eyes
  • scissors
  • paintbrushes
  • hot glue gun

How to make pine cone Halloween Spiders:

1. Have an outdoor adventure and collect your pine cones. Watch out though, they can be a bit spiky!

2. Create a safe place to start your painting – maybe use some newspaper or an old paint sheet.

3. Layout your pine cones, pick the best ones – see if you can find the most stable side of the cone, one that wobbles the least.

4. Paint your pine cones. We used spray paint – it can be quick and easy. If you don’t have any spray paint you can use any craft paints you might have at home.

5. whilst your cones are drying why not decide what color pipe-cleaner legs your spiders are going to have. Halloween colors like black, red or orange.

6. Depending on how tightly closed or open the scales of your cone are there are two ways you can attach your spider legs.

– If the gaps the scales of the cone are open wide you can easily slip the pipe-cleaners the gaps to make your little spider legs.

– If they are still quite close together you can instead tie the four pipe-cleaners together and them on in one bunch and spread them out.

7.  Now it’s time to glue on your googly eyes. Spiders have 8 eyes (creepy hey!) or you could put on some pretty googly eyes with eyelashes just to be different!

8. With the left-over pipe cleaners we stuck on tiny fangs too.

9. And that’s it! An easy and fun Halloween decoration all done.

There are so many fun crafts you can create with pine cones- I can’t wait to get stuck into the huge pile of cones I have and create some fun crafts.

Inside you will find spooky and cute Halloween arts and crafts to try. This list of Halloween art and painting ideas includes pumpkins, bats, cats, witches, spider webs.

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