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The Copper Home Decor You can Make

The Copper Coil Vase There’s no doubt about it: metallic have the power to elevate almost anything to glamorous new heights. Specific metallic finishes–just like colours and patterns–come in and out of style when it comes to home decor. Brass was the big thing in the 1980’s, followed by cool …

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Your Sofa Style says about Your Home

The way we decorate says a lot about our personalities. When people walk into our homes they often get a pretty good sense of who we are. And perhaps no single item says more about us than the sofa. Not only is it a decorative item, but the sofa style speaks quite a …

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Why High-Gloss Paint should be in Your Mind

When you see a room lacquered up in high-gloss paint, the way Miles Redd sometimes does, it can feel like the most glam look in the world. The whole thing oiled up and sunning after a dip in the pool. But despite the new-new-newness of that look, high-gloss paint is actually the most traditional …

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