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5 Tips for Urban Gardening

No backyard? No problem! Use these urban gardening tips to add greenery to even the smallest porch, patio or balcony. 1. Grow Your Plants in Containers Even if you have a backyard, you might not have enough room for a garden. Growing plants in containers and hanging baskets is the perfect solution …

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How to Grow Successful Seedlings

If you’re going to grow vegetables indoors in fall, winter and early spring, you’ll be starting your own plants from seeds. For successful sowing, remember these pointers, which are also valuable if you’re starting transplants for your outdoor gardens. Start Small To help keep space requirements down, look for miniature …

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9 Tips to Levelling Your Lawn

If you want the lush, beautiful lawn of your dreams, it’s crucial to catch lawn problems early and to address them properly. Here’s how to levelling the lawn in nine easy steps. Seamlessly Blend in New Grasses Avoid covering a dead patch with a different variety of grass, which isn’t …

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How to Teach Your Kids to Garden

The key to a successful first garden is to keep it manageable. Begin by growing plants indoorsin plastic containers. Give each child their own, and let them pick a flower or vegetable. When you’re ready to take your skills outside, try a 1½ or three-square-metre plot. (You can always size up …

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How to Make an Indoor Window

Dust off your green thumb and try your hand at winter gardening with these fun and easy windowsill planting tips. 1. Let the Sunshine In Locate your brightest window and add a set of grow lights, if needed. 2. Make a Flat Plan Whether you use flowerpots, a seed-starting box …

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5 Ways to Get a Better Lawn

Keep your grass green, help your lawn stay lush and learn how to keep your mower in top condition with this guide to getting a better, healthier lawn. 1. Try Homemade Lawn Tonics Some “my-grass-is-greener-than-yours” lawn growers achieve great success with homemade lawn tonics made from ordinary items. If you …

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