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5 Things You Need to Know before You Travel to Bangkok

Thailand is a wonderful place in South East Asia. And Bangkok, the capital city is full of life and vibrancy. From city life glamour to cuisine you will be surely overwhelmed in Bangkok.

1. Bargaining Policy

If you like anything to buy and the moment you show interest the seller will increase the rate. So be ready to bargain. Do a few tricks like walk away for some time and then tell the seller you are getting the same thing in cheaper rate. Except food items you can easily bargain for any other goods in the local street market in Bangkok. Needless to say the local market is really good for fashionable and trendy things.

2. Go For Public Transport

There are many options for public transport. So before you hire expensive taxi service, think about the bus, trains and boats. Trains and boats are faster than other transportation. Always make sure you have a map of sky train and subway if you wish to roam around the city and explore. Boats are very good option considering there is no traffic problems. They are also well connected with many places.

3. Fair Fare

Don’t go straight away to a price given by the taxi driver. They are always trying to gain extra from tourists. Always walk towards the nearby main road from your hotel and take a taxi on your own, rather booking from hotel directly. Converse properly with the driver about the places you want to go, if it includes Highway and whether he will go on metre. Get your GPS on and check if the driver is taking you to your chosen destiny without a sightseeing tour.

4. Experience Tuk Tuk

Visiting Bangkok and no experience of tuk tuk? Well, this is a really nice ride especially if you want to explore the city. They are affordable and very comfortable to journey. They cover mostly short local areas which are good if you want to feel the city.

5. Authentic Thai

Thai dishes are mouth watering. Once you taste a dish such as Thai green curry or Red Chicken Curry, you will stick to Thai cuisine only. And for some delectable authentic dishes go for the local food stalls. They provide fresh and delicious food at an affordable price. If you notice that a local food centre is drawing crowd, know this that the shop has some really great food. Some of the famous Thai dishes are chicken with cashew nuts, Thai fried rice, chicken basil and many others to relish.

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